designed by carlotta fortuna

Carlotta Fortuna tells us about nature through the eyes of her sensitivity with the Totem collection.
A particular perception of color and harmonious expressiveness of the subjects characterize her accomplishment.
The recycled paper impression declined in 4 different colors becomes the place on which the stories that Carlotta tells us take shape.
Totem becomes a transversal collection thanks to the material selection on which it is developed:
The world of SodaiSlab wall coating;
The innovative world of SodaiNatura cork;
The thousands of colored tesserae of SodaiMosaico.
Sodai’s first multi-material project to pave the way for the Sodai Designers division.

50x100cm 100x300cm 29,5x29,5cm
Sodaislab 3,5 treddi
Sodaimosaico 3,5 essenza
Sodainatura 4