China and all its ancient traditions. The Silkroad decoration streamed on our solid colour palette, retraces the oriental silk tradition by experimenting with three-dimensional printing techniques on porcelain stoneware.

The combination of terracotta’s materiality and typical porcelain manufacturing techniques, unique pieces in extruded natural stoneware streamed in six earthy colours. Roots enhances the technological potential of the material through craftsmanship.



Rumors are stolen shots that depict the buzz of excited and enthusiastic word of mouth that narrate an extraordinary everyday life. In an epic period characterized by obvious transformations, we have thought about how to interpret the living and shared spaces that are rethought and reinterpreted through backgrounds where color and material are the key points of a complex and sophisticated picture, made up of decorations, patterns and style from different worlds; distant yet within reach of a smartphone. We have created a wide range of products that are an anthem to variety, eclecticism and diversity where technology, material, color and craftsmanship could give life to something absolutely unique. This is what true Made in Italy luxury means to us. We imagined buildings wrapped in color, warmth and even more color, objects brimming with history and rectitude, mouldings, vibrant scenes of a life lived to the fullest and esthetics that fashion calls porn chic. And while the lights of the cameras continue flashing, the rumors merge inextricably with the truth, weaving the very structure of a society in clear transformation. Sensuality, eroticism is the recurring theme of these crystallized moments. That barely audible eroticism where our mind begins to imagine and create fantasies and gossip, as useless as they are necessary.